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Unlimited 5G Plans Axed as Jio Raises Tariffs: Rush to Recharge Ensues

Unlimited 5G Plans: In a strategic move to bolster its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Jio recently announced a tariff hike set to take effect on July 3, 2024. This decision prompted a surge of users rushing to recharge their favorite plans, eager to lock in current rates before the increase.

Among the most sought-after plans were Jio‘s Rs 395 and Rs 1559 offerings, revered for their provision of truly unlimited 5G Plans and extended service validity. The Rs 395 plan, featuring 84 days of validity, and the Rs 1559 plan, offering an impressive 336 days, had garnered significant popularity among Jio’s customer base.

However, in a bid to safeguard against potential revenue losses post-hike, Jio made the strategic decision to discontinue these two plans. This move prevents users from subscribing to these plans going forward, although existing users can still queue recharges to activate before the changes fully take effect.

The base plan, previously priced at Rs 155, will see a substantial increase of 22%, now priced at Rs 189. This adjustment aligns with Jio’s overarching goal to enhance its ARPU figures amidst competitive pressures in the telecom sector.

For consumers, while the tariff hike signals an adjustment in pricing strategy, it also underscores the evolving dynamics in India’s telecom market. Users, now compelled to choose from revised offerings, are navigating their options carefully to optimize both cost and service benefits.

Looking ahead, Jio’s strategic maneuvers reflect its proactive stance in adapting to market dynamics while balancing consumer expectations and revenue imperatives in the evolving telecom landscape.

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