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Unsettling Viral Video: Taliban’s Treatment of Afghan Returnees Sparks Outrage

A disturbing image is making waves on social media, depicting a man striking a woman wearing a burqa with sticks. The video shows a large gathering of people at the scene, and according to some social media users, these individuals are Afghan returnees from Pakistan, subjected to a troubling display of aggression by the Taliban.

As the deadline for illegal residents in Pakistan to depart the country has elapsed, the Pakistan government has issued a mandate for approximately 2 million Afghan refugees to vacate the nation. A Twitter user who shared the video expressed their concerns, stating, “The Taliban is subjecting Afghan citizens who were compelled to leave Pakistan to a distressing and barbaric treatment.”

This alarming video has ignited a wave of concern and condemnation across social media platforms, shedding light on the precarious situation faced by Afghan returnees and the treatment meted out to them by the Taliban.

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