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UP Paves the Way for SCR Development: A Blueprint for Holistic Progress

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In a significant move towards comprehensive development, the formation of the State Capital Region (SCR) in Uttar Pradesh has been set into motion. This ambitious project entails the merging of Lucknow, the capital, with five neighboring districts—Hardoi, Sitapur, Unnao, Rae Bareli, and Barabanki. Modeled on the lines of the successful National Capital Region (NCR), the SCR promises to be a catalyst for holistic growth and progress in the region.

Drafting the Blueprint:

The groundwork for SCR’s establishment is laid out in the draft of the State Capital Region and Other Area Development Authority Bill-2023. This comprehensive document outlines the framework for the SCR, detailing the regional plan, governance structure, and the overarching goals of sustainable development. The draft has been made accessible to the public, with an invitation for objections and suggestions until November 30.

Public Participation:

The Housing Department, driving this monumental initiative, has opened avenues for public participation and feedback. Individuals can submit their suggestions and objections regarding the SCR formation through email at, ensuring a democratic and inclusive approach to the region’s development.

Formation of Regional Development Council:

A pivotal aspect of the SCR initiative is the establishment of a Regional Development Council, to be chaired by the Chief Minister. This council, with the Chief Secretary as the Vice Chairman and the Additional Chief Secretary Housing as an ex-officio member, will play a crucial role in shaping the development narrative. An executive committee, led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Development Council, will oversee the formulation of regional plans, coordination with agencies, and the execution of development projects.

Empowering the Regional Development Council:

The Regional Development Council is vested with special powers, including the authority to instruct relevant development authorities. On par with the state government, the council holds equal rights in declaring development areas, approving, amending, and revising master plans within its jurisdiction. The council is also authorized to conduct surveys, studies, and amendments related to the regional plan.

Current Landscape and Future Prospects:

The SCR currently encompasses six districts, boasting a total population of 22,941,300 as per the 2011 census, spread across an expansive area of 27,826 square kilometers. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in Uttar Pradesh’s developmental trajectory, promising coordinated efforts and strategic planning for sustainable growth.

The initiation of the State Capital Region project signifies Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to fostering holistic development and regional collaboration. As the public engages in the consultation process, the SCR is poised to emerge as a blueprint for progress, setting the stage for coordinated efforts, efficient governance, and a future marked by sustainable development and prosperity.

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