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Upholding Integrity: CM Yogi Orders Re-Examination for UP Police Selection

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UP Police: In a significant move aimed at upholding the integrity of recruitment processes, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the cancellation of the 2023 examination conducted for selection on the posts of UP Police Reserve Civil Police. Furthermore, he has mandated the conduct of a re-examination within the next six months. This decision comes amidst concerns regarding irregularities and malpractices observed during the initial examination.

CM Yogi emphasized the non-negotiable nature of maintaining the sanctity of examinations. He asserted, “There can be no compromise with the sanctity of examinations.” This statement underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring fair and transparent selection procedures, crucial for upholding the credibility of the recruitment system.

Addressing the issue of malpractice, CM Yogi issued a stern warning, stating, “Those who play with the hard work of the youth will not be spared under any circumstances. Strictest action is certain to be taken against such unruly elements.” This unequivocal stance sends a clear message that any attempt to undermine the merit-based selection process will be met with severe consequences.

The decision to conduct a re-examination within the stipulated timeframe reflects the government’s proactive approach towards rectifying any discrepancies and restoring confidence in the recruitment process. It also demonstrates a commitment to providing a level playing field for all aspirants, ensuring that merit remains the sole criterion for selection.

Furthermore, CM Yogi’s directive signifies a broader commitment to accountability and transparency in governance. By taking decisive action against irregularities in the examination process, the government reaffirms its dedication to serving the interests of the people and upholding the principles of fairness and justice.

CM Yogi’s decision to cancel the UP Police Reserve Civil Police examination and order a re-examination underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency. By prioritizing the sanctity of examinations and pledging strict action against malpractice, the government reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a merit-based and equitable recruitment process for all aspirants.

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