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Urfi Javed Arrested by the fashion police, Announces ‘FREAKIN’ Collection Launch

Urfi Javed, a rising fashion icon, recently made waves on social media with a bold announcement. She declared that she had been “arrested by the fashion police” for her fierce and unconventional fashion choices. However, this did not deter her spirit one bit.

‘FREAKIN’ UORFICATION’ Collection Launch: A New Style Frontier

Urfi Javed, known for her daring and distinctive style, revealed her upcoming collection titled ‘FREAKIN’ UORFICATION.’ This exciting launch is set to happen in collaboration with Freakinsindia. With this new collection, Urfi Javed promises to bring sizzling and unique styles to the fashion scene.

Fearless Fashion Icon: Embracing Individuality

Urfi Javed’s fearless approach to fashion has garnered her a significant following on social media. She is unapologetically herself & encourages others to do the same. Her announcement has created quite a buzz in the fashion world, and her fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of ‘FREAKIN’ UORFICATION.’

Get Ready for Unstoppable Style: Join the Fashion Adventure

As Urfi Javed gears up to unveil her new collection, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to a dose of unconventional and unstoppable style. Urfi’s message is clear: Be yourself, express your unique style, and don’t let anyone hold you back.

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