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Vice President: Sainik Schools Empowering Girls

In a significant endorsement of gender inclusivity, Vice President of India, Jagdeep Dhankhar, has lauded the efforts of Sainik Schools for embracing a groundbreaking change. Dhankhar emphasized that Sainik Schools have opened their doors to what he considers the most significant human resource on the planet: girls. This paradigm shift, he believes, will have far-reaching positive impacts in the times to come.

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar’s enthusiastic endorsement of Sainik Schools’ decision to admit girls marks a watershed moment in the education landscape. Dhankhar not only recognizes the significance of this step but also foresees its immense positive influence on the education system and society as a whole.

In his own words, “Sainik Schools have opened doors to the most significant human resource on the planet—the girls.” This statement underscores the Vice President’s belief in the untapped potential of girls and their ability to contribute substantially to various sectors of society, including defense, administration, and leadership.

Dhankhar’s optimism is palpable as he envisions this move as a positive change that will yield high-impact results in the future. He remarks, “This is a positive change, and it will be highly impactful in times to come.” Such an affirmation from a prominent political figure like the Vice President signals a clear acknowledgment of the monumental step Sainik Schools have taken.

“The Vice President also took the opportunity to directly address the girls benefiting from this progressive approach, offering his special greetings and encouragement. He stated, “My special greetings to all our daughters here. You will make us proud.” This personal touch reflects his genuine support and belief in the potential of every girl stepping into this new educational arena”.

The decision of Sainik Schools to open their doors to girls aligns with the broader push for gender equality and empowerment in India. By providing girls with the same opportunities for holistic education and leadership development, the schools are helping dismantle traditional gender roles and creating a more inclusive society.

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