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Video of Live Creatures Added to Momos Sparks Shock and Disgust

In the ever-evolving world of viral videos, we often encounter bizarre and emotionally charged clips, spanning various categories like dance, food, and intriguing experiments. Recently, a rather unsettling culinary experiment captured the internet’s attention and shock.

Viral Momos:

A video was shared on the Instagram account ‘Chinese Street Food 2023,’ revealing a man incorporating live creatures such as worms or small fish into the preparation of momos.

The video chronicles the disturbing process of stuffing momos with these unconventional ingredients, followed by steaming the dumplings with the live creatures sealed inside. To add another layer of astonishment, the man proceeds to dissect one of the momos to unveil the cooked content.

This peculiar video quickly gained substantial attention, amassing over 1.5 million views and sparking numerous reactions. A significant portion of netizens expressed their visible horror upon witnessing the stuffing of momos with live creatures.

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