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Viral Delight: Boys’ Hilarious ‘Nun’-Themed Bollywood Dance to ‘Fevicol Se’ Breaks the Internet

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A recent Instagram video shared by @macfiestaofficial is breaking the internet, featuring two boys putting a creative twist on their dance routine. Dressed as characters inspired by ‘The Nun’ movie, they groove to the beats of the Bollywood hit ‘Fevicol Se’ from ‘Dabangg.’

Dance Goes Viral:

The video has become an overnight sensation, racking up an impressive 17.9 million views and 1.7 million likes. The unexpected fusion of a lively Bollywood dance routine with ‘The Nun’ attire has captivated viewers, triggering a wave of reactions and comments.

Playful Comments and Reactions:

Commenters flooded the post with a mix of reactions, with one humorously suggesting, “When the teacher forces backbenchers to perform on stage,” highlighting the spontaneous and playful nature of the performance. The juxtaposition of the traditional nun image with the energetic Bollywood dance struck a chord with the audience.

Creative Inspiration:

The video has become a wellspring of creative inspiration, with one viewer expressing plans to recreate the dance at their college’s annual party. The entertaining clip has transcended its original context, turning into a muse for future celebrations.

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