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Viral Video of Young Dancer Grooving to ‘Blue Eyes’ Sparks Mixed Reactions

In the era of short video platforms, where viral content rules, a recent video featuring a young girl dancing to the tune of ‘Blue Eyes’ by Honey Singh has taken the internet by storm.

The video features a talented girl, a dancer, and a content creator, dressed in a vibrant red crop top and black shorts. She showcases her impressive dance moves in sync with the popular track. The video was originally posted on Instagram under the account @mohinigupta.12.

Watch the girl’s captivating dance to ‘Blue Eyes’ here:

This video made its Instagram debut just three days ago but has already generated significant online attention. With a massive viewership of 543k, approximately 30k likes, and numerous comments, it’s evident that her dancing skills have resonated with a substantial portion of the audience.

However, the comments section beneath the video tells a tale of mixed reactions. Netizens have expressed a range of opinions about her performance, with some praising her dancing prowess and expressive abilities, while others have voiced their disapproval.

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