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Viral Video: Woman Chooses Moving Train as Dance Floor, Garners Mixed Reactions

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In an era dominated by dance trends and Instagram reels, a video recently went viral on the platform, showcasing a woman’s bold choice of a moving train as her dance floor. The video captures her dancing energetically to an upbeat Bhojpuri song on a crowded train. While some passengers can be seen capturing her performance on their phones, others appear uninterested and unimpressed.

The Viral Performance:

The viral video begins with the woman preparing for her dance. As the beats of the Bhojpuri song “Saj Ke Sawar Ke” kick in, she matches the rhythm with her Thumkas and dance moves. As the video progresses, fellow passengers can be observed watching her performance with a mix of amusement and curiosity. Some passengers even take out their smartphones to record her impromptu public dance.

Shared by Instagram Influencer:

The video of this unconventional train dance was initially shared by Instagram influencer ‘Saheli Rudra,’ who captioned the post with the words, “Chalo hum vi Bna liye”.

Mixed Reactions and Comments:

The video of the woman dancing on the moving train was posted six days ago and has since gained considerable attention, amassing nearly ten million views. However, netizens’ reactions in the comments section are quite diverse. The video serves as a reminder of how social media trends continue to push boundaries, often sparking varied reactions from the online community.

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