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Viral Video: Young Boy Walks Pet Tiger Inside Luxurious Residence

A video featuring a young boy walking a pet tiger has set the internet abuzz. In the clip, a juvenile tiger casually strolls around a lavish home, guided by the boy holding its leash.

This intriguing video was shared on the Instagram account of Pakistani YouTuber Nouman Hassan, and it has rapidly gained thousands of likes in just four days. While some applaud the boy’s bravery, others express their concerns about the situation. However, no details about the boy have been provided.

Social Media Debate Ignites

The video has triggered a lively debate on social media, with one user questioning whether the tiger is indeed a pet. On Instagram, others have criticized the video, labeling it as “ridiculous.”

Nouman Hassan’s History of Exotic Animals

Nouman Hassan is no stranger to sharing content of this nature. Previously, he posted a short clip showing the same boy walking a tiger inside a car showroom. Hassan is recognized for having lions in his private collection, which he acquired from an auction held by the Lahore Safari Zoo in the preceding year. The zoo auctioned off a dozen lions and tigers to create space and reduce expenses for animal care.

Big Cats on Social Media

Hassan and other individuals who own large cats regularly share images and videos of their exotic animals on social media platforms. Additionally, they rent out these magnificent creatures for use in movies and photoshoots.

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