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Watch: Autorickshaw Driver Took His Auto Foot over the bridge to avoid traffic in Delhi.

In a rather unconventional turn of events in Delhi, an autorickshaw driver found himself in a traffic jam and decided to take a bold and unconventional route. The incident, captured on video and quickly going viral on social media, occurred at a busy traffic signal in the Hamdard Nagar area, leaving many astonished.

Amazing Skills of Autorickshaw Driver:

The autorickshaw driver, identified as 25-year-old Munna, was faced with the all-too-familiar sight of heavy traffic on the road below the foot over the bridge. Munna took a bold step to avoid the traffic jam. Initially, he skillfully steered his auto onto the footpath. But his journey didn’t stop there; he then proceeded to navigate the vehicle up the stairs leading to the foot-over bridge.

A viral video shows the incident:

A vigilant bystander happened to record the entire incident on camera. In the video footage, the autorickshaw initially appeared to be without any passengers. However, as it made its ascent onto the foot-over bridge, another individual joined the driver’s side after assisting in getting the vehicle onto the stairs. Pedestrians on the bridge, taken aback by the unusual sight, quickly made way to allow the autorickshaw to pass through.

Following the bizarre occurrence, law enforcement swiftly took action by apprehending both the autorickshaw driver, Munna, and the man who entered the vehicle, identified as Amit. Investigations into the incident are currently underway, while the video continues to circulate widely on social media.

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