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WATCH: Couple’s Unique Pre-Wedding Shoot Recreates Iconic ‘Bang Bang’ Song

A Bollywood-Inspired Pre-Wedding Surprise: In the world of pre-wedding photo shoots, Karan Kashyap and Sakshi Kashyap dared to be different. Their unique and attention-grabbing pre-wedding shoot took a page out of Bollywood’s book by recreating the iconic ‘Bang Bang’ song featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. This creative endeavor caught the eye of many, as they brought the magic of the silver screen into their own love story.

Unique pre-wedding shoot:

The couple’s dedication to recreating the title track of ‘Bang Bang’ is evident in the video. They meticulously mirrored every step and dance move from the original music video, showcasing their love for Bollywood. This unconventional approach resonated with movie enthusiasts looking for a break from the usual romantic pre-wedding shoots.

Internet Applause

The video, originally posted on the Instagram account ‘@stagelifeweddings,’ quickly gained popularity. In just six days, it garnered approximately 35.9k views, along with numerous likes and comments. Netizens expressed their excitement and admiration for the couple’s creativity. Comments ranged from “Nice!!! Really beautiful & well done! Much congratulations to the happy couple”.

Karan and Sakshi’s unique approach to their pre-wedding shoot added a touch of Bollywood magic to their love story, making it a memorable and entertaining experience for all who witnessed it.

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