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Watch: Seema Haider & Husband Sachin’s Viral Brick-Breaking Video Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Ever since Seema Haider left Pakistan for India, her love story has become the talk of both nations. Her social media presence has been nothing short of a sensation, with viral dance videos and critical commentaries on Pakistan gaining her widespread attention. However, her latest viral video is something you might not have expected.

The Unusual Viral Video:

In this viral video making rounds on social media, Seema Haider is seen seated inside a house alongside her husband, Sachin. What sets this video apart is that they are surrounded by bricks, and both husband and wife are engaged in the act of breaking them. However, the video leaves viewers with a question – are they working in someone else’s house, or is this their own household chore?

The video was shared on the Instagram page @indianromanreignss and quickly garnered over 655,000 likes at the time of reporting. Seema Bhabhi and Sachin continue to keep the internet amused and entertained with their unique and often unexpected videos.

As soon as this video hit social media, people couldn’t resist trolling it. One commenter humorously remarked, “Love has rendered Ghalib worthless.” Another quipped, “Both started working as soon as the interview ended.” A third jested, “Now the ghost of romance has disappeared.”

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