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Watch: Seema Kanojiya’s Viral Dance On Mumbai Railway Platform!

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The phenomenon of impromptu dance performances in public spaces, notably metro trains and railway platforms, has witnessed a surge in recent times, capturing both attention and public reactions. The latest addition to this trend features Seema Kanojiya, an Instagram blogger with a substantial following, dancing energetically to the beats of ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ on a bustling Mumbai railway platform.

The Dancing Sensation

Seema Kanojiya, boasting over 5 lakh followers on Instagram, showcased her dance prowess in a viral video that swept across social media platforms. Dressed in a blue top and black pants, she performed a lively routine, including floor rolls, amidst the busy railway platform. The diverse reactions of onlookers, ranging from curiosity to indifference, added layers to the intriguing spectacle.

Social Media Buzz

The video, posted by Mumbai Matterz, ignited discussions on social media platforms. The caption, “Will this Nautanki ever end in Indian Railways premises. It seems some ‘Spirit’ has possessed all of them,” encapsulated the mix of opinions. With over 105k views, the post triggered a spectrum of reactions in the comments section, with viewers expressing admiration for Kanojiya’s confidence and others questioning the appropriateness of the location for such a dance performance.

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