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Watch The Viral Video: Two Little Girls Saving Rs 2,000 & 500 Notes In Their Piggy Banks

In a heartwarming viral video, two Little girls have left viewers astounded as they showcase their impressive piggy bank savings. With the recent announcement from the Reserve Bank of India about the discontinuation of the Rs 2,000 notes, these girls and their parents decided to check their piggy banks for any such notes that could be deposited in the bank.

The heartwarming video captures the moment when the two Little girls proudly display their piggy banks, known as ‘Gullaks.’ One of them decides to open one of these Gullaks, revealing a substantial pile of both Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 2,000 notes. The unexpected revelation left everyone in awe, including the audience watching the video.

Viral Sensation

Er Vasim Mansuri shared this delightful video on Instagram, where it quickly gained immense popularity. To date, the video has amassed over 36 million views and received 1.9 million likes on the platform. Furthermore, the video sparked an outpouring of reactions and comments from Instagram users who were equally amazed by the girls’ financial prudence.

This heartening video serves as a reminder of the value of saving money, even in the form of small denominations. It underscores the importance of instilling financial literacy and responsible money management in young minds from an early age. The two girls have inadvertently become role models for prudent saving habits, inspiring many others to follow suit.

In these times of digital transactions and cashless payments, their story is a charming testament to the enduring charm of the humble piggy bank and the joy of discovering its treasures when the need arises.

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