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Weather Watch: IMD’s Alerts on Heavy Rainfall and Dense Fog Across Regions

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Weather enthusiasts and those keeping a keen eye on atmospheric conditions, rejoice! The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) provides invaluable insights into the intricacies of weather systems, offering a detailed look into the current meteorological scenario.

Cyclonic Circulation over the Equatorial Indian Ocean

In the vast expanse of the Equatorial Indian Ocean, adjacent to the Southwest Bay of Bengal, a noteworthy weather phenomenon is unfolding. A Cyclonic Circulation has taken shape, creating ripples in the lower tropospheric levels. Positioned off the southern coast of Sri Lanka, this atmospheric feature demands our attention.

Western Disturbance in North Pakistan

Meanwhile, in the northern region, specifically over north Pakistan, a distinct weather pattern is emerging. The IMD identifies it as a Western Disturbance, manifesting as a cyclonic circulation. Extending its influence across the middle tropospheric levels, the associated trough spans from Long. 70°E and north of Lat. 30°N. Further complexity arises as an induced cyclonic circulation sets up shop over northwest Rajasthan in the lower tropospheric levels.

Forecast & Warnings: A Glimpse into the Next 5 Days

Now, let’s delve into the IMD’s meticulous forecast and warnings, unraveling the meteorological tapestry that the next five days hold.

Rainfall Projections Across Regions

  1. Tamil Nadu: Anticipate light to moderate rainfall at select locations, with a heightened likelihood on the 17th and 18th of December.
  2. Kerala & Mahe: The IMD forecasts rain at many places over these regions during the specified period.
  3. Lakshadweep: Brace for precipitation from the 17th to the 19th of December, with the intensity varying from light to moderate.

Intensity Peaks: Heavy Rainfall Alerts

  1. South Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Lakshadweep: On the 17th and 18th of December, isolated heavy rainfall is predicted, amplifying concerns over potential weather disturbances.
  2. South Tamil Nadu and South Kerala (17th December): A heightened risk looms, with isolated very heavy rainfall anticipated.


  1. Isolated Rainfall/Snowfall: On the 17th of December, IMD signals the possibility of isolated light rainfall or snowfall in these northern regions.

Remaining Parts of the Country:

  1. No Significant Weather: Reassuringly, the IMD forecasts no significant weather disruptions across other parts of the country throughout the next five days.

Dense Fog Warning: Navigating Atmospheric Hurdles

In addition to precipitation alerts, the IMD issues a dense fog warning, pinpointing specific regions where reduced visibility may pose challenges.

  1. North Punjab and North Haryana: Isolated pockets in these areas are likely to experience dense fog during the morning hours over the next five days.
  2. Assam & Meghalaya & Tripura (18th December): Brace for fog-related challenges in these regions on the specified date.

Minimum Temperatures: A Thermometric Tale

As temperatures fluctuate, the IMD offers valuable insights into the expected shifts in minimum temperatures across various regions.

  1. Madhya Pradesh (From 18th December): Brace for a gradual fall in minimum temperatures by 2-3°C over many parts of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Northwest India (Next 24 Hours): Expect a rise of about 2°C in night temperatures, followed by a subsequent fall by 2-3°C starting from the 18th of December.
  3. Rest of the Country (Next 4-5 Days): The IMD anticipates no significant change in minimum temperatures across the remaining parts of the country during the next 4-5 days.

Source: IMD

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