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Why Onion Prices Are Rising: Causes and Solutions

The perennial issue of skyrocketing onion prices has once again brought tears to the eyes of consumers in India. As the festival season approaches, onion prices continue to surge in various states across the country. While the annual spike in onion prices during the festive season is a common occurrence, it’s essential to understand the underlying reasons and discover ways to procure onions at a reasonable cost.

Rising Onion Prices: A Festive Predicament

Currently, onion prices in Delhi have soared to the range of Rs 65-80 per kilogram, with some areas witnessing prices as high as Rs 100. The escalation of onion prices, especially around festivals like Diwali, poses a significant challenge for consumers, given that onions are a staple ingredient in numerous dishes.

The Fluctuating Onion Market

The primary cause behind the surge in onion prices is the diminished arrival of onions in the market. It’s worth noting that the onion supply has dwindled by approximately 40%. Additionally, states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have experienced delays in their Kharif crop, leading to a scarcity of onions and consequently driving up their prices.

Festive Inflation: A Seasonal Norm

The annual onion price hike around Diwali is not a new phenomenon. It occurs regularly due to weather-related delays in onion cultivation. These delays result in reduced onion harvests, leading to a surge in prices. To combat this issue and avoid the impact of rising prices, consumers have the option to explore various onion varieties available on platforms like Indiamart, with prices ranging from Rs 18 to Rs 50 per kilogram. This offers a convenient solution for purchasing onions from the comfort of one’s home.

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