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Yami Gautam’s ‘Article 370’ Scores Big at Weekend Box Office

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Yami Gautam’s film “Article 370” made a significant impact during its opening weekend, surpassing expectations with a solid performance at the box office. The film garnered a commendable ₹25.45 crore, indicating a successful start. With collections of ₹6.12 crore on Friday, ₹9.08 crore on Saturday, and ₹10.25 crore on Sunday, it showcased remarkable growth over the weekend, cementing its position in the success category.

Given its impressive trend, there’s optimism that “Article 370” will continue to perform well even on weekdays. The real test, however, lies on Monday, which will provide a clearer picture of its long-term prospects. Depending on its performance on Monday, the film could potentially achieve HIT, SMASH HIT, or even BLOCKBUSTER status.

The film’s controlled production costs coupled with revenue from non-theatrical sources and the excellent theatrical run indicate promising returns for its producers. With a balanced approach to expenditure and revenue generation, “Article 370” appears poised to be a profitable venture.

As audiences continue to flock to theaters, the film’s success seems assured, reaffirming its position as a significant player in the Indian box office landscape.

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