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Yogi Cabinet Greenlights 14 Proposals for Comprehensive Development in Ayodhya

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The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has set the stage for a transformative journey with the approval of 14 pioneering proposals in its inaugural cabinet meeting. With a keen focus on Ayodhya’s comprehensive development, these initiatives encompass various sectors, marking a significant stride towards realizing a sustainable and culturally enriched future for the city.

Ayodhya’s Solar Transformation:

One of the standout proposals is the ambitious plan to develop Ayodhya as a solar city. This green initiative aligns with the global push for sustainable practices and underscores Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to harnessing clean energy sources for the city’s progress.

Interstate Waterways and Inland Water Authority:

Recognizing the strategic importance of waterways, the Yogi cabinet has greenlit plans for the development of interstate waterways. Simultaneously, the formation of an Inland Water Authority at the state level signals a proactive approach to water resource management, with a focus on 12 rivers.

Accelerated Development Schemes:

Ayodhya’s accelerated development takes center stage with the approval of 178 schemes, collectively valued at Rs 30,500 crore. This financial commitment underscores the government’s dedication to expeditiously realizing infrastructural projects that will contribute to the city’s growth and prosperity.

Ayodhyadham Teerth Kshetra Council:

A significant decision in the cabinet meeting is the approval for the formation of Ayodhyadham Teerth Kshetra Council. This move is pivotal in cementing Ayodhya’s position as a cultural and spiritual center, fostering inclusive growth, and preserving its historical significance.

Cultural and Touristic Initiatives:

The Yogi cabinet’s vision extends beyond infrastructure, with approvals for the formation of Pateshwari Dham Teerth Kshetra Council and the construction of a temple museum on 25 acres of land. These initiatives underline the government’s commitment to promoting Ayodhya’s cultural heritage and religious tourism.

Innovation and Policy Decisions:

The cabinet meeting also witnessed discussions on turning Ayodhya Research Institute into an international research center, provincializing fairs in Hathras and Bulandshahr, implementing a drone policy, and providing eco-tourism facilities on the Nepal border near Maharajganj. These decisions reflect a forward-looking approach to innovation, research, and sustainable tourism.

Innovation and Policy Decisions:

Acknowledging the pivotal role of women in community development, the Yogi government has approved a proposal to set up plants for women’s voluntary groups in their respective blocks. Additionally, the cabinet endorsed policies related to drone usage, and administration at the local level, and announced plans for the winter session starting November 28, along with a proposal for a supplementary budget.

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