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Yogi Govt’s Diwali & Chhath Gift: 10% Fare Reduction on UP’s Rajdhani Express Buses

In a move to provide a significant gift to passengers during the festive season of Diwali and Chhath, the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has announced a substantial reduction in the fares of Rajdhani Express buses operated by the state’s Transport Department. This decision comes as a proactive measure to alleviate the financial burden on travelers during the festive rush.

Under the guidance of UP Transport Corporation Chairman and Principal Secretary Venkateshwar Lu, a recent decision was made to slash the fares of Rajdhani buses by 10 percent, ensuring more affordable travel for passengers. Following the implementation of this decision, commuters will now save Rs 13 on every 100 kilometers traveled, offering a significant reprieve to their expenses.

“The reduction in Rajdhani bus fares implies that passengers embarking on longer journeys will benefit substantially from reduced rates. For instance, the fare for Rajdhani buses traveling from Lucknow to Delhi has seen a notable decrease from Rs 832 to Rs 739, marking a reduction of Rs 93. Similarly, fares from Lucknow to destinations like Ballia, Azamgarh, and Gorakhpur have been revised, providing passengers with savings of Rs 62, Rs 46, and Rs 46 respectively”.

“Earlier, the fare for Rajdhani buses was calculated at 143 paise per kilometer, but with the implementation of the new reduced rates, the fare has been adjusted to 133 paise per kilometer. This adjustment in pricing ensures a more cost-effective travel option for passengers, making Rajdhani buses a more economical choice compared to before”.

The decision by the Yogi government to reduce Rajdhani Express bus fares is not only a thoughtful gesture during the festive period but also a step towards making long-distance travel more affordable and accessible to the public. The move is expected to be well-received by passengers planning their journeys during the upcoming festive season.

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