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you may contract dengue, so take these precautions to protect yourself.

You can avoid getting dengue by taking proactive steps. Here are some essential steps to take, from maintaining basic hygiene in your home to using mosquito repellants.

New Delhi: The reports have emerged that the Dengue cases have gone up in Delhi and the NCR region. More than twice as many new cases were recorded in the capital last year in September as there reportedly were this year. India witnesses numerous rising cases of Dengue every year, according to the Ministry of Family and Health Affairs.

Dengue fever, also known as bone-breaking illness, can be very hazardous. There could be severe symptoms that one can experience with this illness that is transmitted by mosquitoes. If you want to protect yourself from this illness, you can take the right measures or precautions.

Dengue Symptoms

  • – Muscle and joint ache
  • – Body rash
  • – High fever
  • – Intense headache
  • – Pain behind the eyes
  • – Vomiting and Nause

Precautions to take against Dengue:

  • – It is important to practice good hygiene. Keeping your surrounding clean is necessary to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
  • – Dengue is mainly caused by mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water. Clean the water-holding containers regularly and change the flower vases weekly. Make sure to check for hidden water bodies and that the water is clean.

– Sleep with the mosquito net on. Before going out, apply mosquito repellent.

– Put on the mosquito net before sleeping. Apply mosquit If you experience any symptoms, you should visit a doctor and get some medications, as it could turn out to be a hazardous illness.

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