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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Delhi in Winter


Delhi is a beautiful city in the north of India, where the winter months are mild and dry. The average winter in Delhi is not so cold with temperatures in the range of 20-25 degrees Celsius. So don’t be deceived by appearances!


India is a country of many contradictions – it’s home to some of the best tourist destinations in the world, yet it also has extreme poverty. For every Taj Mahal, there’s a slum. For every Varanasi attraction, there’s a Delhi beggar.

Bullet Point: Incredible Food

Paragraph: There might be no better time to visit India than during winter because you can enjoy incredible food and drinks for cheaper prices. Delhi has some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world and you can sample their cuisine without breaking your budget.

Reason 1: The weather is cooling down

The weather in Delhi in winter is quite good; it’s not too cold and there are no mosquitoes. One of the best things about visiting Delhi at this time is that the leaves on plants start to change color which provides for some excellent photo opportunities. Admittedly, this is also true of other regions in India but due to the pollution, you won’t get these same views anywhere else.

Reason 2: There are many attractions in Delhi to see

All of the attractions in Delhi are worth visiting, but there are some that are definitely worth checking out. The Qutab Minar is one of them. This tower was built in the 1300s and it’s even more beautiful at night with all of the lights illuminating it. It’s also very tall which makes for a fun tourist activity to climb up to the top for a spectacular view.

Reason 3: Delhi is less crowded during winter

Delhi is a city that’s always crowded. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy warm temperatures, then visiting Delhi in winter is definitely worth your while. It gets cold during the winters, which is perfect if you’re looking for someplace to escape from the heat. The weather is also much more pleasant this time of year because it’s not as humid and there’s no rain.

Reason 5: Delhi has brilliant street food available all year round

One of the best things about Delhi is its street food. This kind of food is available throughout the year, but you might want to visit in the winter if you’re looking for some comfort food. Not only are there plenty of places that serve this type of cuisine, but also many people say that it’s the best time for eating this type of food because it’s cold outside and you need something to keep you warm.

Reason 4: Weather is better for catching up on sleep

Delhi winters are not as harsh as most people think. In fact, it’s quite a pleasant season! In general, winter is a very good time for catching up on your sleep. You can have a better night’s rest with cooler temperatures and less exposure to the sun.

Reason 6: Winter in Delhi can be beautiful

Winter in Delhi is not just cold, there are a lot of celebratory activities that take place during this time. You can find the atmosphere of the city changing and it is very festive with decorations and lights everywhere. The best part about winter in Delhi is that you don’t have to worry about the scorching sun and can visit places without fear of getting too hot or dealing with any type of dehydration.
There are so many things to do in Delhi during winter, so you’ll never get bored!


Delhi in winter is not for the faint of heart. The wind can be deadly, but the views are beautiful. It’s usually very cold but you’ll want to bundle up because it’s worth it. Every time I visit Delhi, I’m reminded that there’s no place on earth like India.

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