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10 Stupid Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons are supposed to be a lovely time, a long and restful period of peace and joy. Unfortunately, some people manage to ruin the trip with their own ignorance. To avoid doing these ten things on your honeymoon, you should always plan ahead and try to avoid making those mistakes.

Here are ten things to avoid doing on your honeymoon:
1. More than one drink at a time.
2. Drinking more than you should and getting drunk.
3. Doing anything that is not legal in the country where you are going on your honeymoon
4. Smoking
5. Driving
6. Eating anything that isn’t vegan
7. Visiting any sights

8. Exceeding your budget
9. Going without sunscreen
10. Not taking care of your hygiene

Avoiding the ‘stupid things’ to do on your honeymoon

There are a few things you should do on your honeymoon that will make it more fun and memorable. These include doing the “smokey kiss” outside, getting married in the very spot where you’ve been dreaming of being wed, and taking photos with your significant other as soon as they get to their new home. Here are 10 things you should avoid doing on your honeymoon.
1. Don’t take a selfie for every photo opportunity-it’s embarrassing.
2. Don’t base who you marry off of the person with the most expensive wedding-you can more important things in life and find someone who is compatible with your personality.
3.Don’t get married at a hotel-It’s so common that it’s almost expected, but it’s not romantic at all and doesn’t make for a great wedding photo either.
4. Don’t forget about your partner when planning for the big day, they deserve to be just as much of a part of the planning process as you do!
5. No matter how excited you are,

Staying in touch with family or friends back home

You’re away from home and there’s no way you’ll be able to stay in touch with family or friends back home. Sure, you can call them on your phone but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of talking to them in person one last time before you left. So set up a Skype account for your honeymoon and make those final calls before you say goodbye.

Hiring a personal chef

The only thing worse than a bad honeymoon is when your guests are forced to eat what you serve. Consider hiring a personal chef so that you can enjoy the traditional foods and flavor of your destination without worrying about them getting sick.

Cleaning up after yourself

Honeymoons are fun, but they are also a little daunting. You have to worry about the food you eat and what you order for your honeymoon dinner. The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up after yourself, so here is a list of some things that you should never do when on your honeymoon:
-Eat off dirty dishes because there’s no food in the kitchen
-Order chicken at a steakhouse
-Swim in the pool without taking a shower first

Purchasing souvenirs that nobody will want to use

When you are on your honeymoon, it’s easy to fall victim to the fantasy of having all the time in the world. However, this is a recipe for disaster. One thing that shouldn’t be done on your honeymoon is spending money on souvenirs or gifts that nobody will want to use. Including gifts that nobody will want to use in their wedding gift registry never hurts either!

Developing a personal budget plan ahead of time

You might not feel like you can afford too much on your honeymoon, but it’s a good idea to treat yourself the same way that you would in the future. It’s important to establish a personal budget plan ahead of time so you know how much money you have and how long it will last. There are plenty of ways to save money on your honeymoon such as buying in bulk, using coupons, renting items instead of buying them, and spending less on eating out at restaurants.

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