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10 things you didn’t know about Bollywood

Bollywood is full of famous actors, directors, and other entertainment professionals. People often don’t know where Bollywood really began or what it’s about. This blog will give you 10 facts about this massive industry that you probably never knew!

The Origins of Bollywood

The origins of Bollywood can be traced back to the 1880s, when India was under British rule. The first Indian film to use synchronized dialogue was the silent movie Raja Harishchandra (1913). It was followed by Tarana (1931), which is considered the first talkie, and Indrasabha (1938), which is considered the first color film. Technicolor introduced sound to Indian cinema with Jhansi Ki Rani (1949).

How Bollywood got its Name

“Bollywood” is a term that was coined by the Indian film industry in the 1970s to refer to its own cinematography. It is often called “Hindi cinema” or “Indian cinema.” The name Bollywood comes from Bombay, which is now known as Mumbai, where most of the movies are produced.

Popular Indian Film Awards

The most prestigious awards ceremony, the Filmfare Awards, has been taking place for over four decades now. Every year, the event is televised on Star Plus with an awards show that lasts for three hours. The award winners are selected by a panel of judges made up of eminent personalities from the Indian film industry. They are given to actors who have made significant contributions to film and television across various genres.

Famous Actors in Bollywood

One of the most popular actors in Bollywood is Akshay Kumar. Kumar has appeared in over two hundred films. Another famous actor, Salman Khan, has acted in more than one hundred sixty films. Shah Rukh Khan is another well-known actor who has starred in over one hundred thirty films.
Bullet Point: Famous Actresses in Bollywood
Paragraph: One of the most famous actresses is Vidya Balan. She has won three National Awards for Best Actress, including winning the award twice consecutively. Kareena Kapoor Khan is another actress that has won four Filmfare Awards for best actress.

What is the Thums Up endorsement and how did it come to be?

In 1977, PepsiCo introduced its carbonated soft drink called Thums Up in India. As the chairman of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, wanted to enter this new market despite no Indian brands at the time and without a distribution network. The company decided to adopt a strategy of “tie and trade,” or co-branding with an existing or well-known brand. This would allow them to get their product out there and generate immediate recognition while it built up its own distribution network.
The first brand they chose was Maaza, which was then the market leader in the cola segment. As part of this tie-up, PepsiCo agreed not to sell any other cola beverages for five years. PepsiCo could still sell other

When was the first Hindi language movie released in color in India?

The first color Hindi film was released in 1965. This film had a different sound track, along with the color. The movie was Awaara starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

Who is Amitabh Bachchan and what connection do he and Steven Spielberg have?

Amitabh Bachchan is a well-known Indian actor and producer. He has won 3 Golden Globe Awards and 11 Filmfare Awards. Spielberg was quoted as saying that Amitabh’s “incredible talent makes him the most important actor in the world.”


Bollywood is a huge industry, with some of the world’s best actors and actresses. If you’re looking to watch some Bollywood movies, then this list might help.

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