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12 Habits that Parents Must Teach their Children.

Every single parent wants the best for their children. They want kids to grow and become the best version of themselves. But, all this begins with the habits you teach them. Motivating your child to behave in a socially proper manner, again and again, helps to make it a practice for the child. So, it is foremost to start early and implant these good habits in your children which they will sustain with them throughout their lives.

With every passing day, your child develops several physical and mental skills. As a parent, you every time aim to do your best to ensure that your child learns and adopts healthy habits. Well, it’s not that difficult to produce healthy habits in your kids. The salient point is that you do not just pass your genes to your baby, but healthy habits as well because your child learns a lot from you. So, as a responsible parent, you should twig to a healthy lifestyle and take care of your kid’s health and are some basic habits that parents should teach their kids.

Fundamental Habits That Parents must Teach Their Kids

#1. Healthy Lifestyle

This is the first object parents much motivate their children to follow. This can start as soon as you stop your baby from breastfeeding by starting with fruit and vegetable purees. Avoid initiating kids to extra sugar and fried food and stick to healthier options. A healthy lifestyle involves:

  1. Eating food on time. Skipping meals can lead the way to acidity.
  2. Dining fruits and vegetables.
  3. Drinking water and avoid sugary drinks.
  4. Keep away from processed and junk food.

 #2. Primary Hygiene

Being Hygienic is necessary for a child’s growth and development. Some things such as brushing your teeth twice, washing your hands before and after meals, etc. should prosper in the children from the beginning as it then turns into a habit that they will follow throughout their life.

#3. Sleeping On Time

One of the greatest important habits that parents should teach their children is of sleeping on time. It is most important for children to get ample sleep in order to rejuvenate their bodies. Parents should fix a sleep routine for the child so that the child’s body gets adjusted to it in a few days and he himself would go out to bed at the same time each night.

#4. Punctuality

Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Teach your child about being on time and the value of time. Arriving on time saves a lot of inessential, effort and pay in the long run while latecomers have less time for doing their work. They do it in haste.


#5. Cleaning up

Children love to scatter toys and create a mess in the room. Even though this is an obvious behavior from kids, however, parents must teach the child to clean up the mess he’s made. Kids don’t understand the responsibility and will not do anything unless we tell them why it needs to be done.

#6.Value of Education

Kids don’t automatically like school or the idea of doing their homework. But it is very important to teach them the value of learning and education. Make them understand how valuable education is to become a successful and responsible human beings.

#7. Inculcate Habit of Reading

Reading opens up the mind of children, boosts their imagination, and broadens their prospects. It is essential to teach the importance of reading to kids as it makes them more amenable to the world around them. It is suggested that you make reading a part of your child’s playtime or bedtime every day. This can start as early as five months when they are able to see black and white and notice bright colors.

#8. Exercise on-a-regular-basis

Televisions and mobile phones are making kids couch potatoes. Kids must be encouraged to exercise regularly in order to be fit and keep diseases and infections at bay. Try to set a routine for exercise either in the morning or evening and if possible, exercise with your child. Additionally, it will make your child active, but it will also strengthen your bonding with your child and he/she will feel encouraged to exercise.

#9. Be Polite

Parents should teach basic things such as being respectful towards others and also the significance of the words like thank you, please, and sorry should be taught to kids from the beginning. These are not only a mark of a good upbringing but also earn the child respect and love from those around him.

#10. Table Manners

Table manners are one of the most important habits that parents should teach their kids. This action starts as early as six months when children are made to sit on the high chair. While they sit on the high chair and see people surrounding them eating on a plate with a spoon, they will also pick up similar habits. This will also help in disciplining them and avoid them being turned into fussy eaters.


#11. Be Honest

Kids do not know right from wrong. Kids are like molds and can be shaped by parents the way they want. They always look up to their parents and copy them. Parents must teach their children to speak the truth in every situation. Don’t forget, that kids learn a lot from parents, so make sure you fix the right example and speak the truth.

#12. Sharing with others

Now nuclear families heading, most couples have only one kid and our kids do not know how to share. They do not like giving their toys or belongings to others. Share small things with your kid and teach your child to share that sharing is caring. You can ask your child to donate his toys which are not age-appropriate now, to the needy children who can use them. This will start off the feeling of giving in children.



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