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14 Years of ‘My Name Is Khan’: Kajol Reflects on Enduring Journey with Shah Rukh Khan

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the iconic Bollywood film “My Name Is Khan,” starring Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. Released in 2010 and directed by Karan Johar, this romantic drama continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Known for its memorable songs, the movie narrates the poignant tale of Rizwan, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, who grapples with Asperger’s syndrome and his journey with Mandira, played by Kajol.

To commemorate this milestone, Kajol took to her Instagram handle, sharing a heartfelt post alongside a photo of herself and Shah Rukh Khan from the film. In the caption, she reflected on the enduring journey of Rizwan and Mandira, emphasizing the profound impact their story has had on countless lives. She expressed gratitude for the film’s exploration of love and unity, encapsulated by the hashtag #14yearsofmynameiskhan.

In the shared image, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan are seen twinning in black attire, radiating chemistry and warmth. The post resonated deeply with fans, evoking nostalgia and admiration for the beloved characters and their remarkable journey. As fans celebrate the 14th anniversary of “My Name Is Khan,” the film’s legacy continues to shine brightly, reminding audiences of the power of love, resilience, and unity depicted through Rizwan and Mandira’s unforgettable story.

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