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2021 Batch IAS Officers Meet President Droupadi Murmu at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

In a significant interaction at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre, President Droupadi Murmu engaged with a group of 182 IAS officers from the 2021 batch, who currently hold positions as Assistant Secretaries across various Union Ministries and Departments. During this meeting, President Murmu conveyed a powerful message about the distinctive nature of civil service and its profound mission.

Addressing the gathering, President Murmu underscored that civil service is not merely a profession but a mission of unparalleled authority, role, and responsibility. She emphasized that it is a mission dedicated to propelling India and its citizens forward under the framework of good governance. Serving the nation and its people, she added, is not just a choice but a destiny, and their collective objective is to transform India into an inclusive and developed nation.

“President Murmu encouraged these young civil servants to recognize their pivotal role in enabling fellow citizens, particularly the youth, to realize their potential in diverse fields. She emphasized the significant opportunity they have to contribute to building India envisioned for 2047, urging them to be effective change agents through their unwavering commitment and creative solutions”.

The President also stressed the importance of empathy and compassion in civil service. She described a compassionate civil servant, one whose heart beats for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged, as a true civil servant rather than merely a career bureaucrat. Upholding the cause of marginalized sections of society should be an unwavering commitment for these officers.

“Furthermore, President Murmu urged them to bridge the gap between ‘file to field’ and ‘field to file,’ emphasizing that this people-centric alertness and sensitivity would enhance their ability to engage with administrative tasks more meaningfully”.

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