4 ways to make a winning interview


In the digital age, many interview opportunities for education or employment open up as people go online to find new positions or learn about different schools, both on their own time and using company resources. But if you want to be a top contender for these opportunities, you need to know what it takes! These four tips outline a few steps you can follow during a successful interview.

Tips before the Interview

Wish you knew the best pretzel bites by vending machine tricks before your interview? Here are four important tips before your interview:
1. Get an early bird so that you’re rested and calm before the big meeting.
2. Dress for success, not too dressy or too sloppy.
3. Copy this list called pre-interview habits – smells really good!
4. Prepared to take next steps now – can’t wait to see how it goes!!!


A thorough research of the person you’re going to interview will prepare you for tough questions and topics they may demand. You’ll be able to recall details about their campaign, their policies, and recent events that highlight their success. An outline of your questions is a must as well as a list of follow-up questions to ask. But don’t forget, preparation isn’t limited to what’s on paper! Be sure to practice interviewing on a friend or family member before going on air.

Qualifications and Confidence

When preparing for an interview, it’s important to have both qualifications and confidence. Many employers are looking for someone who has the expertise that the position requires as well as the ability to confidently communicate their qualifications. If you are not confident in your skills, it can be difficult to show them off so this is often a hidden factor when trying to land the job of your dreams.

Tactics at the Interview

Prepare for difficult questions, keep eye contact with the interviewer, be confident but not arrogant while providing concise answers, and ask open-ended questions to give the interviewer insight into your qualifications.

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