5 Mobile Games For Kids That Are Safe


In this article, I break down five of my favorite mobile games for kids that are safe and fun to play. They’re arranged from youngest to oldest with a difficulty level listed next to each one.

Why play games on mobile devices

Mobile devices are great for playing games because they are portable. This means you can play the game if you are on the go. It is also possible to play with friends or family members who have their own mobile device, which is something that cannot always be done in person. Mobile gaming is also great for kids because it offers a safe and fun place to participate in social media and other activities while learning about how technology works.

How to choose the best game for your kid

Choosing the right game for your child is an important decision. Game creators are not always forthcoming with information about what content is appropriate for kids. To make the best choice, check out the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s website and find games that are appropriate for your child’s age. These ratings will tell you if there is any violence, sexual content, or other mature material present in the game.

The best five apps for kids

These are five of the best apps for children to play on their mobile devices.

  1. Lumino City
  2. Pavilion
  4. Digger
  5. REBUS

These games are designed specifically with kids in mind, so they are free of violence and sexual content. They also have parental controls to help parents manage their child’s screen time.


While there are many safe mobile games for kids, the best ones are those that do not require any in-app purchases or additional fees. These are usually educational, or have an open world that is fun to explore.

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