8 Highest Royalty Earners Worldwide


A list of the top 8 highest royalty earners in the world. The list does not include people who are not “natural” citizens of a country like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and so on. This list is not entirely scientific and was put together by a research team at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law.

List of Top 8 Highest Royalty Earners Worldwide

The top eight highest royalty earners in the world are:
1) Jerry Seinfeld- $31,000,000
2) Quincy Jones- $28,382,402
3) Kirk Douglas- $27,698,853
4) Barbra Streisand- $24,330,945
5) Jimmy Buffett- $22,399,216
6) Dean Martin- $21,535,241
7) Paul McCartney-$20.4 Million
8) Keith Richards- $18.3 Million

Yearly Income

The highest earner in the world was King Salman of Saudi Arabia, who made $17 million U.S. dollars. He also made another $15 million U.S. dollars from running his company, Kingdom Holding Company, which is a state-owned company that deals with investments throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Profit Margin

One of the most important performance indicators for any business is the profit margin. This is not just about profitability, but also about how much a company can afford to pay their employees, and how much money they put back into the business. The profit margin is determined by subtracting average costs from revenue or profit.

Rank on New York Times Best-Selling List

The New York Times Best-Selling List is one of the most prominent lists in the world. It has been published since 1931 and features the best-selling books, hardcover, paperback, audio book and eBooks. The list was traditionally published on Friday before “The New York Times” Friday edition goes to press.

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