A Tale Of Loss, More Loss, Love, Loss, And Finding True Love


In the article, a person tells the story of losing their first love. The topic is heavy and the person doesn’t seem to have much hope that they will find true love again. In spite of this, they are biased towards finding love again.

What is a Journey?

is searching for true love? But in order to find anything, you have to first lose it. And she does just that and loses so much more along the way. She lost herself and then she finds herself and loves herself for who she is because now she knows how to love and be loved.

A Tale of the Journey

There is a story behind the blog name. A few years ago, my husband and I decided to try something different with our bedroom furniture. We got rid of everything we could in order to start fresh. He wanted a king size bed so I found this beautiful headboard in a local antique store that he loved and bought it, thinking it would be temporary while we went back to our old things once again. Well, the store closed down, and we never found our old furniture again. After a year of living with this headboard, I realized how much it had grown on me and how much I loved it for itself. That was when the title for the blog was born.

What is the Definition of a Hero?

It’s true that heroes live on through their legacy. But sometimes, it’s not always the hero who is the one who dies. Sometimes, the hero is the only one left to live on and carry on their legacy.

The Role of Love in our Lives

There is a universal term called love. It’s a powerful force that many people say changes lives and shapes the world in which we live. Love can be felt towards someone, something, or even a belief. One thinks of love when they are in pain, sad, or happy. However, it’s not always easy to find true love because you need to trust your partner and allow them to make decisions for both of you without hesitation. This story is about finding true love; one that conquered all obstacles and found its way back into our hearts.

How to Make someone Fall in Love with You

If you want someone to fall in love with you, there are many ways to do so. You can play games with them, send gifts, and be affectionate. But the most important thing is to show them who you really are. Your true character will shine through and they will feel a connection between the two of you that will make them want to know more about each other.

How to Handle Heartbreak and Loss

Every person experiences heartbreak and loss. Whether it is a breakup or a loss in life, there are many different ways to handle this situation. Often times people will turn to alcohol or drugs for comfort, but the best way to deal with these feelings is by talking about them with someone you trust.

How to Achieve True Happiness

In order to achieve true happiness, we must learn to love, accept, and let go of our life. It is a process that takes time and understanding but is worth the effort.

A Tale Of Loss, More Loss, Love, Loss, And Finding True Love


I am still searching for the woman of my dreams, but I have learned much about love in the process. I have fallen in and out of love so many times and it is never easy. My point is that we must be able to love one day, another day, and then just simply appreciate someone in our lives.

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