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Amidst a Bengaluru Traffic Jam, Pizza Delivery Shines Through!

When it comes to traffic in India’s major cities, you’ve probably heard the stories. But the traffic in Bengaluru, often dubbed Bangalore, is in a league of its own. If you need to cover just 10 kilometers, be prepared for a journey lasting at least an hour and a half. Numerous amusing incidents related to Bengaluru’s traffic often make their way to the news. However, a recent story has captured the hearts of many – a man stuck in Bengaluru’s traffic jam placed an order for pizza and the pizza delivery boy pulled off something extraordinary.

Twitter user @rishivaths recently shared a video illustrating how he contemplated ordering Domino’s pizza amidst the infamous Bengaluru traffic. In his tweet, he wrote, “When we thought of ordering Domino’s pizza amidst Bengaluru traffic. They were so efficient that they tracked our live location and delivered the pizza even in traffic Jam.” He explained that his location was quite random due to the traffic, and he wasn’t even sure where he was.

Pizza Delivery in Traffic Jam

The video shared by the user features a Domino’s pizza delivery boy on a motorcycle. While one person is riding the bike, the other is seated behind, holding the pizza. The delivery person navigates through the crowded traffic and hands over the pizza to the person waiting inside the car. This act of exemplary service has won hearts and serves as a testament to how companies can win over customers even in challenging situations.

Video Goes Viral

The video has garnered over 6 lakh views, and several users have commented, expressing their appreciation for such service. One user suggested that they should definitely tip for such a service. This heartwarming incident showcases how innovation and dedication can shine even amidst Bengaluru’s notorious traffic woes.

Anshu Harvansh
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