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Analyzing the Grey Market Premium (GMP) of Current and Upcoming IPOs

The world of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is a dynamic and ever-evolving space. Investors are often keen to gauge the potential of an IPO’s success, and one of the key indicators is the Grey Market Premium (GMP). GMP is a crucial metric that reflects the enthusiasm and expectations surrounding an IPO before it hits the stock exchanges. In this article, we’ll delve into the GMP of current and upcoming IPOs to gain insights into the market sentiment.

Cello World IPO – Price: 648 | IPO GMP: 163 | GMP %: 25%

Cello World, a renowned household products company, is generating significant interest in the grey market. With a GMP of 25%, this IPO indicates strong demand and investor confidence. The premium suggests that investors anticipate good returns post-listing.

Honasa Consumer IPO – Price: 324 | IPO GMP: 10 | GMP %: 3%

Honasa Consumer, known for its Mamaearth brand, is also set to go public. While the GMP is relatively modest at 3%, it still indicates a positive sentiment among investors. This consumer-focused IPO might have long-term growth potential.

ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO – Price: 60 | IPO GMP: 8 | GMP %: 13%

ESAF Small Finance Bank’s IPO is another interesting case. Despite a lower issue price, it has a GMP of 13%, showcasing investor confidence. Small finance banks have gained prominence, and this IPO seems to be in line with that trend.

Ask Automotive IPO – Price: 282 | IPO GMP: 0 | GMP %: 0%

Ask Automotive, on the other hand, has a GMP of 0%, indicating a lack of premium. This suggests a more subdued market response, and investors might be taking a cautious approach to this IPO.

Protean eGov Technologies IPO – Price: 792 | IPO GMP: 116 | GMP %: 15%

Protean eGov Technologies is generating considerable buzz in the grey market with a GMP of 15%. The premium is indicative of high expectations and strong investor interest, which might translate into a successful listing.

Tata Technologies IPO – Price: TBA | IPO GMP: 272

The IPO of Tata Technologies, with a GMP of 272, is creating significant anticipation in the market. The absence of a disclosed issue price suggests that investors are eagerly awaiting more details about this IPO. The high GMP reflects strong confidence in the Tata brand and the potential of this offering.

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