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Awesome f1 Driver Nicknames

Whether you’re talking about friends and family, your colleagues; or even that odd-looking person you found on the floor at the airport – nicknames are a way of introducing yourself to someone quickly. When it comes to f1 drivers, creating nicknames can often end up being funny. However one thing is for sure: If this expert readers voted article title is anything to go by; then there will surely be a lot more people laughing at their favorite nicknames than feeling embarrassed!

30 f1 Driver nicknames

There are millions of strong, unique nicknames for all professions but probably a few more for the motorsports world. There is no such thing as a standard nickname for anyone in this industry; however, the following nicknames are some of the best that you could possibly come up with.

Kimi RäikkönenThe Iceman84.6%
Alain ProstLe Professeur66.5%
Michael SchumacherSchumi65.1%
Sergio PérezCheco63.6%
Daniel RicciardoThe Honey Badger61%
Mika HäkkinenThe Flying Finn54.1%
Niki LaudaThe Rat51%
Nico RosbergBritney46.5%
James HuntHunt the Shunt44.8%
Pastor MaldonadoCrashtor Maldonado43%
Jos VerstappenJos the Boss38.7%
Nigel MansellIl Leone38.1%
Andrea de CesarisAndrea de Crasheris34.3%
Giuseppe FarinaNino31%
Juan Manuel FangoEl Maestro30.9%
Nick HeidfeldQuick Nick29.7%
Graham HillKing of Monaco29.7%
Jack BrabhamBlack Jack28%

Dallies type at the end

Bruno Senna’s Wing Walkers, Lewis Hamilton the Happy Hacker, Sebastian Vettel SPICE and a Little (p)e
Formula One Racing is filled with some of the most entertaining drivers in motorsports. Between some teams having a dedicated tag-team duo to Jenson Button always looking like he has just ran up at least five flights of stairs and back; Formula 1 also has its own share of wacky nicknames even before it reaches racing’s main car.

How You Could Do It

There is a diverse range of nicknames; given to the finest racecar drivers in F1 history. Adam just wanted to have some easy placeholder names for his upcoming project. The list includes obvious choices like “Senna”, Lewis Hamilton’s infamous “Nigiri” nickname, and “The Rocket”.

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