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Balloons and Joy: Karan Johar’s Special Bond with His Twins

Karan Johar, the renowned filmmaker, celebrated the birthday of his adorable twins, Yash and Roohi, on February 7th. It was a joyous occasion filled with love and laughter as the family came together to mark this special day.

Star-Studded Pre-Birthday Bash

Before the big day, Karan Johar hosted a star-studded pre-birthday bash for Yash and Roohi. The event was attended by several Bollywood celebrities, adding to the festive atmosphere and excitement surrounding the twins’ birthday celebrations.

Instagram Moments

Karan Johar took to Instagram to share glimpses of the birthday celebrations with his followers. In a heartfelt post, he expressed his love for his children and the joy they bring into his life. The pictures featured Karan, Yash, Roohi, and Karan’s mother, capturing precious moments of togetherness and happiness.

Symbolism of Joy

In his Instagram post, Karan Johar reflected on the significance of balloons in his life, describing them as a symbol of joy and celebration. He expressed his happiness in passing on his love for balloons to his twins, who share his enthusiasm for these colorful decorations.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Karan Johar extended his gratitude to those who contributed to the birthday celebrations, including costume designer Eka Lakhani and photographer Sheldon Santos. He also thanked LENN S, a beloved figure in his children’s lives, for their support and presence during the special occasion.

In conclusion, Karan Johar’s birthday celebration for Yash and Roohi was a heartwarming affair filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

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