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Can police see deleted history?


The police can read text messages that have been deleted by using a special program.

When one remove something from ones phone, it doesn’t vanish instantly.

Flash memory in mobile devices doesn’t delete permanently files until it needs to open up space for something new.

It merely “deindexes” it, forgetting where it is essentially. The phone doesn’t know where or what it is, but it’s still stored.

Another piece of software could find the deleted data if the phone hasn’t overwritten it. Although it isn’t always easy to identify and decode, the forensic community has extremely powerful tools that help them with this process.

The less recently you’ve deleted something, the more likely it will have been overwritten. The file system on your phone is designed to overwrite old data that is no longer needed in order to make room for new data.

There is a higher chance that it is still there if you only deleted it a few days ago. On some iOS devices, like newer iPhones, you have to take an extra step. They encrypt the data—and there’s no known decryption key.

It will be very difficult (if not impossible) to bypass that. The cloud backs up many phones automatically.

The data can be more easily extracted from the backup than from the phone.

The effectiveness of this strategy depends on how recently the phone had a backup performed and the service used to store the files.

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