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Cat Video Goes Viral: Cat’s unique action after dinner delights the internet!

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If you’re a cat owner, you’re well aware that our feline friends can be quite food enthusiasts, and they’re not shy about expressing their opinions on their meals. They often embody that famous Selena Gomez lyric, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” There’s a side to cats that’s sassy, independent, and full of attitude, especially when it comes to their favorite subject: food.

Recently, a side-splitting viral video made its way onto Instagram, perfectly capturing the mood and antics of our feisty feline companions. In this video, we encounter a cat that exudes confidence and sass as it finishes its meal. But here’s where the hilarity kicks in. Instead of quietly walking away after the last bite, this particular cat decides to make a grand exit.

In a true mic-drop moment, the cat extends its paw and nonchalantly flips its empty plate into the air. The plate somersaults before landing on the floor with a noisy flap, echoing the sentiment, “I’m done here, folks!”. Cats certainly know how to keep us entertained with their playful antics.

Viral Success

Since its upload on September 4, the video has quickly gained immense popularity, amassing nearly 2.1 million views and an impressive 330K likes. The video’s comment section has also been buzzing with reactions from amused viewers.

Reactions from Viewers

One user couldn’t help but admire the cat’s skills, commenting, “She got some skills, though flipped that plate perfectly.” Another humorously interpreted the cat’s actions, suggesting, “Kitty said ‘This was s’gusting! I need to see the manager!’.

The humor continued with a third user, who humorously imagined the cat’s message, “‘ She really said ‘y’all can come get this shit now.'”

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