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CM Basavaraj S. Bommai Pays Tribute To Babu Jagjivanram On His Birth Anniversary.

Basavaraj S. Bommai, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, paid tribute to the father of the Green Revolution and former Deputy Prime Minister of India, Dr. Babu Jagjivanram, on his birth anniversary today. He offered floral tributes at the statue of the great leader to honor his contribution to the nation. Dr. Babu Jagjivanram remains one of India’s greatest leaders, and his legacy continues to inspire many.


  1. Basavaraj S. Bommai paid tribute to Dr. Babu Jagjivanram on his birth anniversary by laying floral wreaths at his statue.
  2. Dr. Babu Jagjivanram was a leader who played a pivotal role in the Green Revolution and the progress of the country.
  3. The tribute paid by the Chief Minister honors Dr. Babu Jagjivanram’s contribution to the nation and his legacy as a leader.
  4. The event serves as a reminder of Dr. Babu Jagjivanram’s work and inspires people to follow in his footsteps toward progress and development.
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