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CM-ELEVATE: Conrad K Sangma Launches Program to Empower Meghalaya’s Entrepreneurs

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In a significant move to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit in Meghalaya, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma launched the CM-ELEVATE program in the Jaintia Hills region. The initiative is set to make a transformative impact by providing extensive support to over 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs across the state.

Financial Grants for a Brighter Future

Under the CM-ELEVATE program, these budding entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive financial grants covering up to 75% of their startup costs. This substantial financial backing is intended to fuel their entrepreneurial journey and business ventures. With an impressive investment of ₹300 Crore allocated for this initiative, it represents a significant commitment to the youth of Meghalaya, encouraging them to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable career choice.

A Thriving Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma emphasized that Meghalaya has been diligently working over the past five years to create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Several programs have been initiated to open up avenues and opportunities for aspiring business owners, laying the foundation for their success in the competitive business world. The CM-ELEVATE program is a testament to the state’s dedication to creating employment opportunities, driven by the dynamic youth and a thriving network of entrepreneurs.

An Invitation to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In his address, Chief Minister Sangma extended a warm invitation to the youth of Jaintia Hills to apply for the CM-ELEVATE program. This initiative represents a significant step towards not only fostering entrepreneurship but also generating employment opportunities within the state. It aligns with the broader vision of empowering the youth to become successful entrepreneurs and contribute to the state’s economic growth.

The launch of the CM-ELEVATE program signifies Meghalaya’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship, fostering a culture of innovation, and providing vital support to the state’s aspiring business leaders.

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