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CM Pema Khandu Applauds Youth Mission for Clean River’s Efforts in Barapani River Cleanup

Arunachal Pradesh: In a commendable display of social responsibility, Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed admiration for the volunteers of the Youth Mission for Clean River who undertook the arduous task of removing 5000 kilograms of waste from the Barapani River in Naharlagun. His words, “Bravo! This is an exemplary social work for the greater good of society,” echoed the sentiment of appreciation felt by many witnessing the impactful efforts of these dedicated individuals.

The Barapani River, like many others across the globe, has suffered from the detrimental effects of pollution caused by human activities. Recognizing the critical need for action, the volunteers of the Youth Mission for Clean River demonstrated unwavering dedication in their mission to restore the health and vitality of this vital waterway. Their efforts not only contribute to the immediate improvement of the river’s ecosystem but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for others to follow suit in similar cleanup endeavors.

CM Pema Khandu’s commendation serves as a powerful endorsement of the importance of community-driven initiatives in addressing environmental challenges. By publicly acknowledging the contributions of these volunteers, he not only honors their hard work and dedication but also encourages a culture of civic engagement and environmental stewardship within society.

Moreover, CM Pema Khandu’s poignant reminder to “preserve our rivers, as they are our future” resonates deeply in an era marked by growing environmental concerns. Rivers are lifelines, sustaining ecosystems, providing water for agriculture, industry, and drinking, and serving as cultural and recreational hubs for communities. Their preservation is not merely a matter of environmental conservation but a fundamental necessity for the well-being and sustainability of future generations.

Furthermore, CM Pema Khandu’s plea to refrain from turning rivers into dumping grounds underscores the urgent need for a shift in mindset and behavior. With pollution posing a significant threat to water quality and aquatic life, individuals and communities must recognize their role in safeguarding these invaluable natural resources. Responsible waste management practices, coupled with concerted efforts to reduce pollution at its source, are essential steps toward ensuring the long-term health and resilience of our rivers.

In celebrating the achievements of the Youth Mission for Clean River and championing the cause of river conservation, CM Pema Khandu sends a clear message: the collective efforts of individuals and communities are paramount in safeguarding our environment for generations to come. As we applaud their endeavors, let us also heed his call to action, standing united in our commitment to preserving the precious gift of our rivers for the benefit of all.

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