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CM Pema Khandu Meets Lohit Organic Farmers

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Chief Minister Pema Khandu engaged in constructive interaction with members of the Lohit Organic Farmers Producers Company, highlighting their commendable performance in utilizing government initiatives to advance organic farming. Khandu expressed delight at the significant benefits reaped by the farmers from both central and state government schemes aimed at promoting organic products.

Appreciating the dedication and hard work of the farmers, CM Pema Khandu applauded their remarkable achievements in the field of organic farming. He expressed gratitude for their words of appreciation towards government initiatives, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between farmers and policymakers in driving agricultural development.

The fruitful exchange between CM Pema Khandu and the members of the Lohit Organic Farmers Producers Company underscores the government’s commitment to supporting and empowering agricultural communities. As organic farming gains momentum, such interactions serve as a platform to recognize and celebrate the achievements of farmers while reaffirming the government’s dedication to their welfare and prosperity.

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