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CM Yogi Addresses On “Uttar Pradesh Day” In Lucknow.

Lucknow: On the 24th of January CM Yogi inaugurates a three-day program organized in Lucknow on the occasion of ‘Uttar Pradesh Day’, the 74th foundation day of the state. Many public welfare projects were inaugurated on this occasion and many talents from different fields were honored.

He said, “Uttar Pradesh which was infamous as the ‘state of riots’, and ‘citadel of crime’ before the year 2017, today the same Uttar Pradesh has become famous as the ‘hub of exports’. The exports of the state have doubled”. This is the ‘new story’ of the ‘New Uttar Pradesh’.

Yogi said, “This day is most important for all of us because any such big event within the country is related to any period of the past, or Vedic period, Upanishad period, or any period related to historical background or has been witness to any such event relating to modern”.

He said, “Uttar Pradesh has been witness to those incidents and has been representing those incidents. Today it is our good fortune that as the creator of modern India, PM Modi ji represents in the Parliament of the country in the most famous way in the oldest city of Uttar Pradesh”.

Yogi said, “In collaboration with the Government of India, B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. We are coming up with a plan for the youth who do”.

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