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CM Yogi Extends Greetings On “National Voter’s Day”.

On the 25th of January CM Yogi wishes everyone ‘National Voter’s Day’. He said voting is the right and duty of all of us. Come, on this occasion, let’s resolve public awareness towards 100% voting. Yogi Congratulate and welcome to all the young friends who have become voters this year.

National Voter’s Day is celebrated every year on January 25th in India, to mark the foundation day of the Election Commission of India. The day is celebrated to increase voter awareness, and voter participation, and to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.

On this day, various events and activities are organized across the country to encourage citizens to register as voters and to educate them about the electoral process.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) works closely with various organizations, NGOs, and educational institutions to create awareness about the importance of voting, and the role of citizens in shaping their own destiny through the electoral process.

In addition to these events, the ECI also conducts special registration drives to enroll new voters and to update the electoral rolls. These drives are aimed at increasing voter turnout, and ensuring that every eligible citizen is able to exercise their right to vote.

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The day is also marked by the distribution of voter ID cards to new voters, and the launch of various voter awareness campaigns. These campaigns use various mediums such as social media, television, and print media to reach out to citizens and educate them about the importance of voting.

National Voter Day is an important reminder of the importance of voting and the role it plays in building a strong and democratic society. It is a call to all citizens to exercise their right to vote and to play an active role in shaping the future of their country.

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