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CM Yogi participates in ‘PAC Foundation Day-2022’ function in Lucknow.

On 17th of December CM Yogi said, “I heartily congratulate Uttar Pradesh PAC, one of the best qualities of the country, on its foundation day.

“UPPAC has made its glorious journey of 74 years not only to maintain better law and order conditions in the country’s largest population state but also to organize traditional festivals, processions, religious events and on various occasions with the faith of the common man”.

He said, “The contribution made in the scenes of efficient and safe travel of the great experiences of the Ativisht during the General Elections, Local Body Elections and state visits has been highly commendable”.

He said “PAC force is known for its bravery and valor. Not only within Uttar Pradesh but also in various states of the country, internal security has worked on the basis of facing various challenges”.

”UPPAC force has always tried to do its best for the country whenever there is a chance.The identity of any force is known by its bravery and valor”.

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