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Conrad K Sangma Inaugurates of Jackfruit Processing Unit in South Garo Hills

CM Conrad K Sangma recently inaugurated the Jackfruit Processing Unit cum Rongara PRIME HUB in Gulpani Nokat, Rongara Block, South Garo Hills District.

Expressing his enthusiasm, CM Conrad K Sangma emphasized, “South Garo Hills boasts some of the finest quality jackfruits in the State. Recognizing the immense potential of the jackfruit industry, the project was conceived to address the rampant wastage issue of agricultural produce in the Garo Hills region. The project aims not only to bring this exceptional produce to the global market but also to catalyze overall economic development in the region.”

Highlighting the community-centric approach, CM Conrad K Sangma elaborated, “The Unit will be run by the Rongara Agro Food Processing Cooperative Society and entirely owned by the community. It will boast a processing capacity of almost 2 tons per day. With an overarching goal of impacting nearly 5000 farmers and creating employment for nearly 100 youth across South Garo Hills, the project is set to introduce more than 20 value-added products derived from the exceptional organic jackfruit of Meghalaya.”

This initiative signifies a significant step towards sustainable agricultural practices, economic empowerment, and the promotion of indigenous produce in the global market. Through collaborative efforts and community ownership, the jackfruit processing unit aims to uplift local farmers, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the socio-economic development of South Garo Hills.

Such initiatives not only harness the rich agricultural resources of the region but also pave the way for inclusive growth and prosperity. CM Conrad K Sangma’s vision underscores the importance of harnessing local potential to drive economic prosperity and foster sustainable development in Meghalaya.

This initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, promoting agro-based industries, and empowering local communities. It represents a significant stride towards realizing the full potential of Meghalaya’s agricultural sector and establishing the state as a hub for high-quality organic produce.

With the inauguration of the Jackfruit Processing Unit cum Rongara PRIME HUB, South Garo Hills embarks on a transformative journey towards sustainable growth, economic empowerment, and global recognition of its agricultural prowess.

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