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DG NCC Inaugurates All India Thal Sainik Camp, Encouraging Youth Leadership

In a significant event promoting youth leadership and fostering a sense of discipline and camaraderie, the Director General of the National Cadet Corps (NCC), Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh, formally inaugurated the All India Thal Sainik Camp on September 20, 2023. The grand ceremony took place at the esteemed Cariappa Parade Ground, located in Delhi Cantt, and marks the commencement of a 12-day camp.

This year, the All India Thal Sainik Camp has brought together a total of 1,547 Cadets, including 867 boys and 680 girls, who have been drawn from 17 NCC Directorates representing every State and Union Territory in India. The camp, which began on September 19, is an opportunity for these young cadets to showcase their skills and compete in a variety of disciplines, including shooting, obstacle training, map reading, and other professional training competitions.

“In his address to the assembled cadets, DG NCC Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh extended a warm welcome to all participants, emphasizing that the camp experience would expose them to a life filled with adventure, discipline, and honor. He highlighted the significance of such events in instilling a sense of leadership and camaraderie among the youth”.

The primary objective of the All India Thal Sainik Camp is to provide cadets with an immersive experience in Army Wing Training, fostering a competitive spirit, discipline, leadership, and national integration. It serves as a platform for these young individuals to develop valuable life skills, build character, and prepare themselves for future challenges.

“The camp’s activities and training exercises are designed not only to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of the participants but also to nurture their sense of responsibility and commitment towards the nation. It is events like these that contribute significantly to the development of well-rounded and responsible citizens who are ready to serve their country with dedication and pride”.

As the All India Thal Sainik Camp unfolds over the next 12 days, it is expected that the participating cadets will not only compete fiercely but also forge lasting bonds and leave with valuable life lessons that will shape their futures as responsible leaders and citizens of India.

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