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Diana Baumrind’s Parenting Styles


Most known for her research on the relationship between parenting styles and child development, Diana Baumrind was a developmental psychologist. She proposed three different styles of parenting that were determined by the demands parents place on the children and how parents interact with their children, based on her studies.

Authoritative parenting style:

Parents who practice this style of parenting set reasonable expectations for their children while maintaining a warm and caring relationship with them. It is considered ideal because it leads to more positive cognitive, social, and emotional outcomes.

Authoritarian parenting style:

This parenting style is characterized by high demands placed on children, with interactions that can be cold or harsh. Parents who are over-controlling are often associated with this style of parenting.

Permissive parenting style:

This parenting style is referred to as laissez-faire by Baumrind. A parenting style characterized by warmth and caring, but relatively little structure or discipline.

The parents in this environment have lax rules and boundaries, which creates a lack of structure. There are often no disciplinary measures, and few expectations are placed on children. The parents are usually responsive to their children and show warmth and concern. These parents also tend to under-regulate their children and their parenting style has been associated with under-parenting.

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