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Didn’t watch TRP’s top TV show Anupama?

So here in 7 points know the full story of Rupali Ganguly’s serial till now

Anupama TV Serial Full Story: Rupali Ganguly’s show Anupama tells the story of house to house. How a housewife has to struggle to get respect. Know the story of Anupama TV show from the beginning till now.


  • Anupama has been making a place in the TRP list ever since it was on air.
  • This show of Rajan Shahi has made a place in the hearts of the public through its unique story line.
  • Know the story of Anupama TV show from the beginning till now.

TV show Anupama has been in the TRP list ever since it went on air. This TV serial of Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty, Alpana Buch, Paras Kalnavat and Ashish Mehrotra is getting a lot of love from the audience. This is Rajan Shahi’s second show after Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai which has made a place in the hearts of the masses through its unique story line in a short span of time. Anupama is the story of a woman who has given her life in the name of her family, when she wakes up she is her family, she is still her family when she sleeps. He has respect for the elders in his eyes and love in his heart for the younger ones. She cares about everyone, but keeps choking inside. Anupama has family, mother-in-law, husband, kids, car, house but no one to give her the love and respect she deserves.

Anupama through this serial depicts every single woman who yearns for love and respect from her family. When Anupama faces this bitter truth, she vows to herself that from now on she will live her life on her own terms. With this thought as she moves forward in her life. So let us now know what challenges have come in the life of Rupali Ganguly i.e. Anupama, how she faced it and how is her life now.

Had the opportunity to work as a cooking teacher

Vanraj is Anupama’s husband from the relationship but there is no place for Anupama in her heart. Like her husband, Anupama’s mother-in-law and her children Paritosh and Pakhi also do not respect her. The only reason is that Anupama, a very simple woman, left her studies incomplete. But Anupama is accompanied by her youngest son Jismar, her brother-in-law Sanjay, her father-in-law Hasmukh, Leela’s brother Jignesh and servant Jhilmil and stand by her in every difficulty. Anupama is unaware that her husband Vanraj is having an affair with Kavya, his office worker, but Kavya knows about Anupama and is annoyed with him. One day a fun fair is organized in her daughter Pakhi’s school where she gets a chance to work as a cooking teacher in Pakhi’s school.

Had to lose work because of her husband

When Vanraj came to know that Anupama had got a job as a cooking teacher, he was very angry. Later, on Kavya’s behest, he let Anupama work. But soon this job was snatched from Anupama’s hand due to which Anupama’s husband Vanraj had deliberately delayed Anupama from going to work.

Saved his son Paritosh’s house from collapse

Seeing Anupama, Kinjal’s mother Rakhi had doubts that Paritosh and Kinjal were going to get married soon. Unable to handle the situation, Paritosh and Pakhi taunted their mother for not being educated. Meanwhile, Anupama’s childhood friend Devika started suspecting that Vanraj and Kavya had some other relationship. Devika makes her point in front of Anupama and alerts him but Anupama’s superstition on her husband prevents her from finding out the truth. Taking advantage of not having a good relation with the Shah family, Rakhi insults them all. Paritosh loses his sense of humor and leaves his house and goes to live with Kinjal to marry her. Vanraj gets angry on this act of Paritosh and starts raging on Rakhi. To resolve the dispute going on in their house, Anupama is determined that she will bring her son home and convince Rakhi for this relationship. It happens exactly as Anupama thinks. After Paritosh comes home, Anupama goes to the cafe to meet Rakhi. Rakhi agrees to get Paritosh and Kinjal married but she starts plotting in her mind to break their relationship.

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Knowing the truth of her husband, Anupama kept her family at the forefront

Kavya’s husband Anirudh comes to know about Kavya and Vanraj’s love affair and goes and tells everything to Anupama, but Anupama refuses to listen to him. As the story progresses, Paritosh and Kinjal get engaged to each other in between. As the day of 25th anniversary of Vanraj and Anupama was approaching, all the family members together made a plan to get their marriage back. On the other hand, Kavya’s nephew comes to know that Vanraj and Kavya love each other. She tries to bring out the truth in front of everyone but then the wedding ceremony of Anupama and Vanraj begins. Kavya was very annoyed by the news of Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage. He had convinced Vanraj to marry himself on the same day.

On the day Anupama and Vanraj were about to get married, Vanraj had made preparations for his and Kavya’s wedding in a temple. Vanraj could not reach the temple on time due to which he and Anupama again tied the knot but Kavya got very angry. Immediately after this, the secret of her husband and Kavya came in front of Anupama when both of them were expressing their love. Knowing this, Anupama was completely broken. After emerging from this truth, she kept this fact a secret from her family because she did not want it to have any bad effect on any member. He broke his relationship with Vanraj keeping his family paramount. This incident had given him a new way of living.

Anupama started a new life

Gradually, this story started gaining momentum and the secrets of Kavya and Vanraj started coming to the fore in front of all the members of the house. With the help of Samar, Nandini, Kinjal and Devika, Anupama erases all the memories of 25 years in which she only suffered. And with all this, he started living his new life. Suddenly life gave Anupama a chance to learn a new exciting thing. Anupama’s father-in-law had suffered a heart attack, due to which he learned to drive for the first time in his life. She started progressing on her own and started earning money by teaching dance to children.

Vanraj slandered Anupama

Anupama was busy with her life and was living happily on her own terms. Perhaps time did not approve of this and his life once again started to turn upside down. Taking advantage of the fact that Vanraj and Kavya had gone to Rakhi’s friend’s resort for honeymoon, Rakhi invited the Shah family for a picnic at the same place and opened the raw bag of both of them in front of the whole family. After Vanraj and Kavya’s truth came out in front of the whole family, Rakhi decided to break the relationship between Paritosh and Kinjal. Vanraj was very annoyed with Anupama and after reaching home he put a stain on Anupama that Anupama was having an illicit relationship with someone else. Seeing that his family was standing with Anupama, Vanraj left his house and went to live with Kavya. But soon Vanraj had to return to his house when he and Anirudh had a fight over Kavya. Kavya was shocked by this fact, on the other hand Anirudh kept on persuading Kavya to come back in his life.

Vanraj had supported Anupama for the first time

When Rakhi broke the relationship between Paritosh and Kinjal, both of them started feeling very sad. Together, both of them made a plan to get married by running away from home. When Rakhi could not find Kinjal anywhere, she called the police and started creating ruckus in front of the Shah family’s house. Rakhi accuses Anupama of asking the police to arrest her. Opposing this, Vanraj supported Anupama and said that he would not let the women of the Shah family go to jail. After Kinjal and Paritosh come back after getting married, Rakhi gets very angry and swears that she will live by ruining the Shah family. In the latest episode, Anupama is seen bringing the new daughter-in-law to her house.

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