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Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023: Timings and Significance

Stock exchanges BSE and NSE will hold a special one-hour ‘muhurat’ trading session on Diwali, November 12, marking the commencement of Samvat 2080 in the Vikrami calendar, which precedes the Gregorian calendar by approximately 57 years. The trading session, set from 6 pm to 7:15 pm, is an annual occurrence and carries specific significance. During this short-lived session, traders aim to generate gains that are believed to symbolize prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year.

Understanding Muhurat Trading

Muhurat trading mirrors regular stock exchange activity but is condensed into a brief annual duration, aligning with a specific ‘muhurat’ – a time determined by planetary positions, often deemed as auspicious. Traders view gains from this session as indicative of the forthcoming year’s financial fortune and success.

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